Why is it impossible to buy goods directly from a large factory in Japan
One of the most popular questions we hear from our customers is why in Japan it is impossible to purchase goods directly from a large factory? Everyone is used to the fact that directly from the manufacturer is always more profitable, plus the example of China, where everyone can conclude an agreement with the factory, affects the perception of the situation. Because of this, entrepreneurs are indignant at the fact that the goods are purchased through small dealer points, and they think that they are losing their profit somewhere.

The point here is completely different. In Japan, such commercial schemes do not work. Goods are produced with the expectation of sales within the country through official dealers. Thus, enterprises try to protect themselves from possible costs when, for example, they increase the productivity of products, recruit workers for this, and in fact the sale does not correspond to the volume of output of goods. Complicating the situation is the fact that in the event of a sharp dismissal of an employee, the company is obliged to pay him wages in three salaries. The state protects its people from the so-called "black" firms, and it is unprofitable for enterprises to enter into long-term contracts with workers and produce more than the norm.

Therefore, absolutely all plants in Japan operate through official dealers, which reduces the risk of sales problems for them. Therefore, the purchase is carried out through dealers, whose cost does not differ significantly from the prices of stores. But the advantage is the possibility of ordering wholesale lots.

Our dear customers, you can clarify all your questions on the organization of procurement and make sure that we always act in your interests. This is a different country with its own laws and traditions, which may not be clear to us. But with the right approach, everything can be turned to your advantage.
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