Wholesale clothing delivery from Japan
Today, most of the goods sold in the world are imported from abroad. In the local market, their value after a series of trade turnovers is a rather large amount. The retail price includes the calculation of delivery, customs duty, rent of a warehouse and retail space, advertising, and more. You can save yourself from unnecessary expenses thanks to the modern delivery service from JSM Japan.

Our company is engaged in the delivery of goods from Japan. We can agree on the purchase of any product at good prices, organize profitable logistics, as well as a shopping tour. We know what you can save on, how to deliver the order in the shortest possible time, and avoid unjustified commissions. With us, you can easily avoid risky moments for business, thanks to the professional support of experts.
Why is it profitable to cooperate with Japanese suppliers?
It has become very difficult to navigate in the field of buying and selling goods wholesale and retail in the realities of today's pace of development of marketplaces. Similar positions are promoted on American eBay, Chinese Taobao or Japanese Rakuten. Therefore, it is difficult to keep the market situation in mind and monitor every process. In order for you to focus your resources on promoting your brand, we offer you to take responsibility for deliveries.

Japan is a country where they know the price of style and good looks. Its manufacturers are very responsible to their customers. Their clothes are always in line with trends, innovative technologies are used in the tailoring process and modern equipment is used. Clothing from Japan is at the peak of the popularity of fashion platforms. Influencers in developed countries choose outfits from oriental brands because they know that it meets the declared quality, is eco-friendly and stylish.
Service for the delivery of clothes to order from abroad
Ordering goods from Japan without an intermediary is a very difficult task. Firstly, without knowing the language it is difficult to negotiate with sellers. Secondly, their stores often only accept payment by internal bank transfer. Since our company is located in the city of Toyama, we have formed a wide range of contacts in various areas, and the advantageous location makes it easy to organize meetings and conduct business negotiations. Thirdly, there are very few stores in Japan that offer delivery services to countries at any price. Therefore, the JSM&CO team is happy to help with parcel consolidation, additional strong packaging, stock photo verification, insurance and other services.
We try to be flexible in the process of cooperation in order to please each client and fulfill his order. We work on the most open conditions, we will help you buy goods and quickly deliver. Tariffs are considered in the context of specific items.

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