Automobiles and parts
JSM CO.LTD offers services for the purchase of any equipment, spare parts, sawing, disassembly, storage, delivery to the ports of Fukui, Maizuru, Otaru, Niigata, Toyama
A complete list of our services:
  • Purchase of cars, motorcycles, boats and special equipment at Japanese auctions and parking lots without intermediaries.
  • Delivery of cars, special equipment, boats to the Japanese ports of Fukui, Maizuru, Otaru, Niigata, Toyama.
  • Disassembly / sawing of cars, storage of cargo before dispatch from Japan.
  • Dismantling of cars for parts.
  • Loading and dispatching containers with spare parts.
  • Purchase and delivery of any lots at the auction "Yahoo" (Yahu). And in other online stores and auctions in Japan.
  • Sale of Japanese passenger car and truck tires and disks.
  • Search for any spare parts.
  • Sending goods through our warehouse (you can buy the goods yourself and send them to our warehouse for subsequent shipment to the address you specified).
Delivery of cars from Japan
Therefore, the delivery of cars from Japan becomes more relevant. Many want to bring a car for personal use, and some build a profitable business on this, and in each of these cases our help may be relevant. At first glance, the idea of ​​​​buying a car directly from Japan without intermediaries seems brilliant, but no one has canceled the questions of finding reliable sellers and organizing logistics. In this case, you cannot do without assistants, but we suggest that you do not overpay big money to resellers, but use a more financially profitable service. We help to buy and deliver a car from Japan, we have a lot of useful contacts for this, we know reliable points for buying and proven logistics schemes
How to debug efficient car deliveries?
Our company offers the purchase of any equipment, spare parts, services for sawing, disassembling, storage, transportation to the ports of Fukui, Maizuru, Otaru, Niigata, Toyama, customs clearance. We will deliver any spare parts in bulk, buy profitable lots at auctions and help set up stable deliveries. The export of goods is associated with many fears - distance, language barrier, lack of direct contact, but with our help you can eliminate all risks. Competent professional support will allow you to avoid unscrupulous sellers, problems with logistics, misunderstandings with suppliers and other troubles that your business does not need. In the supply of goods from Japan, we strictly comply with all agreements and deadlines, always work in the interests of the client and look for the best solutions for him.
Why is it more profitable to deliver a car with our company?
Firstly, the prices in our company are quite flexible and competitive in the market of similar services.
And secondly, even having paid the cost of our services, you will still remain in the black, avoiding potential costs due to lack of experience, connections, misunderstanding of some processes. We will not only be able to organize delivery without failures, errors and other shortcomings, but also to buy goods for you at the best prices. Looking forward to discussing the details.

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